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We offer 4 different types of packages: Free, Basic, Silver & Premium. The Free package is for uploading a product guide or watching other products' guides. Basic, Silver & Premium are more suitable for sellers; for example: if you have a wide portfolio of products, 11 products or more than the Premium package, with the ability to create between 11 -100 product guides, might be the right choice for you. If you have between 2 to 10 products under your brand, then the Silver package might be more suitable for you. In order to select the membership package that will best suit your needs click here and find out more details about each package.

We use an integrated method of payment including worldwide used Stripe, PayPal and Credit Cards.

It Is so EASY , Just register to one of the packages and you will have access to the Dashboard Of Drag and Drop info to Create your Own Mini Site With All The Features Explained In Our Packages Page

Just Scan The Code and you are in the Guide you Wanted. The Code Is Generated by the system After the Product Manufacture Create A Mini Site In the Our System.

The amount of product guides you can create depends on the package you are register to: with BASIC package you can create 1 product guide and 1 full Mini Site. Silver packgae allows you to create up to 10 product guides & Mini Sites. The premium package gives you the option to create up to 100 product guides & Mini Sites. It is important to remember that each Mini Site can include 1 Product Guide and generate 1 unique QR code.

Yes. On the left side menu on your dashboard, click on Mini Sites and then Mini Sites again. Click on the 3 dots next to your desired Mini Site and choose edit. Enter the new URL name inside the 'MiniSite URL field' and press on the 'UPDATE URL' green button to save the change. For more instructions on how to create and edit a mini site click here

Yes. Myqrguide platform can integrate with any clearning firm. To learn how to setup different payment methods please click here

No. You have the option to sell your products on Myqrguide platform and\or forward your clients to external marketplaces where they can buy your products, but you don't have to. You can use Myqrguide platform for product guides, communicate with your customers and all other features that the platform has to offer without the obligation to sell your product on it.

Of course, you can. To learn how to add an external link to your product guide click here. To learn how to add an external link to your 'product to sell' click here.

You can add up to 3 products to sell on each Mini Site you have. Please note that you can add each 'product to sell' that you have created to as many Mini Sites as you wish.

Each Mini Site can containe 1 product guide, generate 1 QR code and up to 3 products to sell.

It depends on the membership package you choose. Each Min Site equals 1 product guide and 1 QR code. If you are registered to the Basic package you can add 1 Mini Site, Silver package members can create up to 10 Mini Sites, and the Premium package allows up to 100 Mini Sites. Free package members can not create a Mini Site at all, only upload and watch products' guides. To learn more about the features of each membership package or upgrade your membership click here.

Inside your dashboard press on the person icon that is located on the top of the window, and enter your profile. Enter your new password and press on the 'update profile' blue button on the buttom of the window to save the change. Click here to learn more about more features you have on 'profile' and the main dashboard in general.

Of course, you can. The email marketing module was built specifically to help you improve the engagement with your clients and create more selling opportunities. To learn more on the email marketing module features and how to use them click here.

Absolutely. Simple drag & drop the feature 'edit a text of own client club' into your Mini Site (while you are in 'create Mini Site' or 'Edit' mode), write down the text you want your visitors to see, and click on the 'save' green button on the bottom of the page. Once you are done with all your Mini Site's editing, click on the 'submit' pink button on the bottom of the page, and the updated Mini Site (including the membership club feature) will be published. To learn more on how to create and edit all features on your Mini Site click here.

You can add only 1 pdf to a product guide. However, you can add up to 10 images and a video link to your guide. Those are great ways to introduce your product and feature your product instructions in an interactive and more engaging way to your clients.

Each Mini Site you create will show your customers the option to choose their favorate language, and the Mini Site will be automatically translated to that language. Your visitors will also have the option to automatically translate and download your product pdf guide.

You can upload only one of the PDFs. Once you will add the product guide to your Mini Site, a 'PDF TRANSLATION' button will automatically appeare on yor mini site, and your customers will be able to translate your pdf guide automatically, to any language they prefer.

Sure you can. While you are creating or editing your Mini Site, simply drag & drop the 'edit warranty text and form' feature to your Mini Site builder, enter the text you want, and build the warranty application form as you desire. Remember to press the 'submit' pink button to save and publish your changes. You also have a special warranty request report, to learn more on how to read it click here.

On the left side menu in your dashboard, click on 'seller coupons' > 'create a new coupon'> choose if you want to create a coupon on a total order or a product> fill out the necessary details and press 'save'. Remember, in order for the coupon to be seen on your mini site, drag & drop the 'coupon' feature into your Mini Site builder, fill in the necessary details, and press 'submit'. Click here for the more extensive explanation.

In case you are offline, the customer will receive a message informing him that right now your customer support is away and someone will contact him back during your office hours. A ticket will be automatically open and you will be able to see the customer's message and continue interaction through the 'customer tickets' module on the left side menu in your dashboard. Click here to learn more about 'customer tickets'.

On the left side menu in your dashboard, cick on 'reports' > 'club info'. To learn more about the 'club info' report's options click here.

1. On your dashboard you can see all orders that have been added today. 2. On the left side menu, on your dashboard, click on 'reports' > 'selling reports'. To learn more about the 'selling report' click here.

On the left side menu, on your dashboard, choose 'Mini Sites', than 'Mini Sites' again, and click on the QR code. A pdf with the QR code will automatically be downloaded to your device.

1. You can open a ticket (request) to our customer support by clicking on 'support ticket' on the left side menu (on your dashboard), or click on 'contact support' red button on your dashboard. Click on 'create a new ticket'. Write down your message and click on the 'confirm' blue button. Our team will contact you ASAP and will assist with any question you may have. 2. On the right side of your dashboard click on the ' live chat with team' red button. 3. Send us an email to

Product guide is basically the instructions for using the product (that your client has already bought). Product to sell is for a product that you want to expose your clients to, when they visit your mini site, and you want them to buy it (either from Myqrguide platform or another marketplace by using an external link).

You can enter the warranty report in 2 ways: 1. Click on the 'warranty' icon on your dashboard. 2. On the left side menu (on your dashboard), click on 'reports' and then 'warranty request'. To learn more about the 'warranty report' click here.

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